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Egglife utilizes Vizer to optimize marketing and increase in-store sales.

Customer: Egglife Industry: Food and Beverage Platform: Vizer Offers

Known for creating The Perfect Wrap®, Egglife Foods makes wraps with egg whites, not flour.

Packed with flavor and infinite possibilities, Egglife is a leader in modern nutrition, harnessing the power of eggs to transform traditionally flour-based food. Egglife's debut product, Egglife egg white wraps, are systemically disrupting the tortilla industry with the perfect recipe of simple, delicious, nutrition.

In 2024, Egglife achieved record sales in targeted Kroger divisions. Here's how:

Learn how Vizer helped Egglife maximize marketing efficiency.



Egglife utilizes a digital marketing strategy to drive in-store sales. Vizer equips Egglife with in-store incentives and performance insights to enhance marketing efficiency.

Phase 1: Establish Baseline

Offer performance varies by brand, incentive type, and distribution strategy.

Egglife’s first campaign aimed to understand their current channel performance.

For this campaign, Egglife utilized paid media with geo-targeting precision, focused on Kroger banners and specific regions.

Phase 2: Optimize Funnel

Egglife utilized the data garnered from their initial test to inform marketing decisions for their second campaign. As a result, they saw improved marketing efficiency and record-breaking sales across 4 Kroger divisions.

Leveraging data-driven decision making, Egglife saw exceptional campaign results and surpassed their clip goal by 202% and scan goal by 277%.

“Layering the Vizer offer on top of in-store promotional support at targeted Kroger divisions propelled Egglife egg white wraps to all-time high $ velocities.”

Kimberly McDermott, Brand Manager, Omnichannel, Egglife Foods

Phase 3: Scale Utilization

Egglife's success with Vizer Offers underscores the effectiveness of strategic omnichannel campaigns, showcasing tangible and transformative results that elevate brand promotions and drive engagement.

Egglife can now leverage high fidelity data to promote additional offers, improve efficiency, and maximize ROI.


Start maximizing efficiency with Vizer.


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