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Unlocking Strategies & Success Stories for CPG

Explore the dynamic world of modern marketing, from shopper strategies to brand-building to digital innovation, and consumer insights.

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Tactics for CPG Retail Success: Let’s Retail Smarter, Together!

Vizer CEO Samantha Pantazopoulos and Angie Echele, Founder of Retail Smarter, discuss tricks of the trade helping CPG brands succeed in retail.

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Sarah Moret, CEO & Founder of Curie

Join Vizer CEO Samantha Pantazopoulos and Sarah Moret, Founder and CEO of Curie, to discuss Curie’s evolution from online D2C sales into retail.


Brandon Hammermeister, CGO at ShipCalm

Brandon drives growth initiatives, partners with executives on aligning the company's mission and values, and brings over 13 years of expertise in fulfillment, logistics, CRM, and strategy.

Amanda Swisher, Shopper Marketing at Health-Ade

Discover how brands adapt to larger campaigns during different seasons, shifts towards Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) at specific times of the year, and the secrets to early planning success.

Ryan and Jordan.png
Q&A with Ryan Moore and Jordan Tetrick 

Join Ryan Moore of Modus Planning and Jordan Tetrick of Satellite as they discuss how they are revolutionizing the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with technology.

Shray Joshi, Founder & CEO at Good Peeps

Join Vizer Inc. CGO, Dylan Barbour and Shray Joshi, Founder & CEO of Good Peeps as they discuss retail marketing, branding and packaging, and content marketing.

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