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Use Retail Insights to Maximize Your ROI

Retail marketing has long been a black box. Gathering quality retail data is either impossible or prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for brands to effectively market their products and measure the success of campaigns. However, Vizer is changing the game brands.

Traditionally, there has been no platform-agnostic analytics solution that seamlessly connects the digital world to the physical world for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. This makes it hard to know which channels and campaigns are driving foot traffic. Vizer bridges this gap by providing a solution that allows brands to quantify retail turns from their marketing campaigns and channels.

One way that Vizer helps brands maximize their return on investment (ROI) is by attaching mobile offers to existing marketing campaigns. This allows brands to easily evaluate the efficacy of those campaigns and see which retailers they are winning at. This increase in visibility and efficiency enables brands to make more informed decisions about where to invest their digital spending at retail.

Another benefit of Vizer is that it helps brands identify which channels they should continue to invest in. This allows them to focus their efforts and resources on the most effective channels, ultimately leading to a higher ROI.

Overall, Vizer is a powerful tool for brands looking to maximize their ROI at retail. By providing insight into the efficacy of marketing campaigns and enabling brands to easily evaluate their performance, Vizer empowers brands to create stronger campaigns and drive velocity for their products and services.


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